R- Sacrificed

Redding read by the light of the moon. Darkest fantasy – epic in gloom. Death, destruction, pillage and rape – murder in numbers in the name of hate.   A sudden shriek –… Continue reading

Q- Body of Lies

The governing body formally meets. Quorum in motion. Deciding the fate of one. Quack salver. Has caused an endless series of quakes. Quicksilver promises. A salve to heal. Balm of all ills. As… Continue reading

P- Peacock

Glorious pigments Shaded blue, green – Almost obscene Pole-cat they claim Dancing behind Veil upon veil As one by one They fall away. Dangerous populist They cry Still they linger – Prohibition has… Continue reading

O- Outbound

My heart aches – deepest despair – thickened night.                                       Blackest sky – no silver light. Your love is a cloak – Wrapping me in oppression – It provokes and chokes. How do you… Continue reading

N- naughty but delightful

note: some may find the images borderline provocative or evocative – peruse at your own bemusement, for amusement? Naughty, by definition, implies impropriety, rudeness, raciness or bawdiness. Is is not fair to say… Continue reading

M- Gaia

  Madam of the Magnificent Her Majesty’s court – Mandamus issued – timeless. Respect her Magnitude – for She offers solitude and peace or maelstrom. Her Mantle maps Mosaics – Munificent or Mournful… Continue reading

L- laundry list

Fibers are fantastic in wealth and combinations, especially as new means of production and exciting possibilities are available with such creative uses for recycled materials. Upon reflection though, I wonder if in our… Continue reading